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Ambleteuse photo
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A picture of the Ambleteuse «  Fort Vauban  »

An historic monument since 1965
Napoléon rearmed and restored the fort in connection with the Boulogne camp and his planned invasion of Britain.

During WWII it was used again by the Germans, who brought important transformations to it.

Seriously damaged by two drifting mines in 1945, it has been listed as an historic monument since 1965.

When the association called “Association des amis du fort d’Ambleteuse” was created and became the owner of the fort in 1967, the building was dilapided.

Since then it has been restored to its original state.

These works have been achieved with financial aid from the State, the County Counsil, the municipality of Ambleteuse with the sponsorship from the Credit Agricole Bank.