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Boulogne-sur-mer, a city on the “Côte d’Opale”

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Dome de la basilique Notre Dame de boulogne Pyramide mariette boulogne sur mer Porte des Dunes Boulogne sur mer Porte des dunes
Place de la Résistance Boulogne le beffroi de Boulogne sur mer La rue guyale de Boulogne sur mer La rue guyale de Boulogne
Place G. de Bouillon Boulogne sur mer Hôtel de ville de boulogne La rue de Lille de Boulogne sur mer Rue gastronomique de Boulogne sur mer

Boulogne sur mer is situated at the mouth of the river Liane on the"Côte d'Opale". The upper town (Ville Haute) commands splendid vistas of the harbour and lower town (Ville Basse). Surrounded by ramparts and situated on the site of a Roman fortified camp, the upper town is dominated by the dome of the Notre-Dame basilica.
The upper town contains important administrative as well as religious buildings, and attracts lots of mostly British tourists all the year round.