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The Calais Town-Hall an a brief reminder of its history

The present city of Calais is the union of two towns Calais itself (North) and Saint-Pierre (South). They were two distinct towns separated by a vast sand-covered wasteland.

On the one hand, there was Saint-Pierre, a former village grown into a poor town inhabited by lace-workers. Its heart beat to the pounding rhythm of lace-making looms, and its trade-unions were very active.
On the other hand, Calais proper, the historical and mostly bourgeois town with a flourishing trade, a harbour and no factory.

On that very wasteland in-between, a common Town-hall was erected for the new city (Calais + St Pierre) following the union of those towns officialized by a special decree on January 29th 1885. But the inauguration was delayed until 1925, because of problems involving the foundations and 4 war years.

The architect, Louis Debrouwer, chose to build the new Town Hall in the Flemish Renaissance style. The concrete used for the building is hidden underneath overall highly decorative brick and stone masonry.

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